White House First United Methodist Church
Friday, June 05, 2020

Sunday Mornings

 8:15 AM Service - Come and worship through modern music, videos, and drama! The service brings the message to life, drawing believers into a more passionate relationship with Christ while reaching out to those yet to meet our Savior. Held downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. Parking and entrance available at the rear of the church.
9:00 AM Fellowship Time - Join us for coffee, juice, and donuts. Come and meet new people or catch up with people you have not talked to in a long time!
9:30 AM Sunday School -
     Children -
     Nursery Rm. 139
     Kindergarten Rm. 137
     Preschool Rm. 131
     1st & 2nd Grade Rm. 133
     3rd & 4th Grade Rm. 134
     5th & 6th Grade Rm. 130
     Middle School Youth Rm.  Annex - Downstairs
     High School Youth Rm. Annex - Downstairs
     Adult -
     Bereans Rm. 138
     Celebration Class Rm. 144
     Directionally Challenged Rm. 123
     Crossroads Rm. 132
     Friendship Class Rm. 121
     Bible Class Rm.  Annex Upstairs
     Young Adults Rm. Annex Upstairs
     Pathfinders Rm. Library 2nd Floor
     New Beginnings Rm. Parlor 2nd Floor
10:30 AM Tradition Service - Those accustomed to a traditional style will feel at home in this service. Experience worship with time honored elements of the faith. Scripture, sermon and familiar music combine, providing ample opportunities for congregational participation. Held upstairs in the Sanctuary.