White House First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Director of Children

 Francie Trostle

  Born in Illinois. One of five children ... I'm somewhere in the middle. I have a Bachelors in Youth Ministry from Greenville College, Greenville IL.
I grew up in the United Methodist Church and have been teaching and working with kids in the local church since the age of 14, where I started teaching the preschool class.
God Called me to full time ministry in 1993 I went back to school and then soon began my full time ministry as an Assistant to the Pastor in Olney IL.  After a few years my job changed and I became the Director of Christian Education, children and Youth ministries. After several years of ministry at First UMC in Olney IL.  I took a huge leap of faith and moved from the only place I knew and moved to TN to follow the plan God had for my life.  I enjoy working here at White House First United Methodist Church and I am blessed to be on this adventuress journey with God.